Richmond Fund for Children and Youth Oversight Board

In 2018, Richmond voters approved Measures E and K (Kids First Initiative) which established the Department of Children and Youth and created the Richmond Fund for Children and Youth (Fund). The purpose of the Oversight Board is to help guide funding for youth-serving organizations by developing policies, monitoring, and ensuring that the Fund is managed in a manner accountable to the community.  

Members Terms and Meeting Information

  • Meeting Dates and Times - TBA 
  • Meeting Location - TBA
  • Staff Liaison - David Padilla, Department of Children and Youth
  • Maximum 15 Members - Richmond and North Richmond Residents
  • One-Year and Two-Year Terms - No Term Limit

1 Vacancy as of 12/2/2019 - Oversight Board Application

Meetings Agenda Information

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Geselle Alvarado 11/05/2019 To Be Determined (TBD)
VACANT 11/05/2019 TBD 
Khalieghya Dandie-Evans 11/05/2019 TBD
Guadalupe Enllana 11/05/2019 TBD
Teyona Galloway 11/05/2019 TBD
Angel Godinez 11/05/2019 TBD
Carol Hegstrom 11/05/2019 TBD
Kapris James 11/05/2019 TBD
Zeonta Johnson 11/05/2019 TBD
Katherine Lee 11/05/2019 TBD
Kristin Kilian Lobos 11/05/2019 TBD
Christian Mendizabal 11/05/2019 TBD
Chastity Ochoa 11/05/2019 TBD
Madiha Qader 11/05/2019 TBD
Stephanie Sequeira 11/05/2019 TBD